Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life is Not a Race

Today I had an epiphany. In today's society nobody knows how to slow down and enjoy the moment they're in for just what it is, instead they're constantly having to go, go, go. There's no such thing as a relaxing day.

I saw an Amish family completely in awe of the city of Chicago, well. . . the kids looked a teensy bit scared, but such is life to a child who doesn't know what a city looks like. This family walked down the avenue surrounded by people in a hurry but they didn't seem to have a care in the world. I'm sure they were here for a reason, not just to walk around downtown Chicago, but I could see in their eyes that they were going to cherish the moment they were living in, rather than letting the moments pass by.
As I walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago today I saw this thought being played out everywhere around me. Tourists, teenagers, business men, old, young. . . Everyone. They kept going, no one took the time to slow down and catch a breath, or to look around and see the beautiful city they are blessed to live in. In fact, they walked faster, smiled less and all together lived less due to ignoring what they are so lucky to have around them.

Everyone is looking for 'something beautiful', but what I saw today made me think that maybe due to people going at unnatural speed they found that 'something beautiful', but are going to fast to come to the realization that they found it.

In this, I pray you will slow down, life is not a race. Life is a playground of learning. Sometimes it may feel monotonous, but I promise you that someday you will find your 'Something Beautiful'. In the meantime, slow down.  . . Otherwise, how will you know you didn't already pass up your beautiful something?

Much love,

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