Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Live. Big. Adventure.

So, today I was thinking and I actually had a lot of good thoughts. Weird, right? HAH. Just kidding.
But, I was writing in my actual journal earlier this evening and I thought you might enjoy seeing what I wrote.
So, I'm thinking you can read the above. . . And yes, it just restates the name of my blog. But, it was just going through my mind all day today. I've had a lot on my mind, and I feel like. . . not very many people really take the time to listen what I have to say. Yeah, I know I talk a lot, but if you'd actually listen, maybe you'd get something out of it. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to, because sometimes I have something to say. 

Now this is just a journal page, and it started out as me writing a song but then I just started writing and I couldn't stop until the final word 'adventure' hit me. So, here's what I wrote.

Trust me, you'll see I've got my head held high. 
I know what I want and where I'm going to stay.
Believe me, this isn't going to be easy but I can't keep waiting to LIVE 
It's time for be to go, to fly, to leap.
I have dreams, why can't you see? I'm going to do BIG things, and they don't include this.
Let me go, I might surprise you.
No matter what what, I'm going to enjoy this and create an 


To be honest, I really don't have a clue as to what I wrote there. I know it doesn't make any sense. . . right now. But, I think that God put that in me to write. I get that sometimes, where I'll be writing then all of the sudden I'll have written a whole page, and be like what in the world?! I don't remember writing this at ALL. Whatever it means, if it's meant for one you, my readers, I hope that it finds you in good hands. Because I KNOW that God has a plan for me, as well as for you. You just need to believe that He's big enough for anything and EVERYTHING you throw at Him. 

Much love,

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