Friday, July 27, 2012


Today was . . . a day. An interesting day.
I have been watching my sister this week. . . and she's 7. I usually get funny looks when I bring her places, but I never get called 'mom' by anyone. Today at Hobby Lobby as I was buying fabric, the sales lady starts talking to Michaela and then looks at me and back at her and asks her "is your mommy being nice to you today?" SAAAAYY WHAAT?! I'm sorry, but I'm 18 and a VERY young looking 18 year old. How in heaven's name do you think I'M her MOM?! So, yeah. That's how that went down. HA!
Then Michaela and I did a cute little monogram craft, and then I mowed the lawn (blaaahhhh). 

After dinner we turned on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. HOLY BUCKETS. It's so FANTASTIC! I love the Olympics - especially the Equestrian, Gymnastics and Swimming portions. EEK. so excited to watch them!

Eh. Today was a pretty boring day, and I feel like a really boring person. Therefore I'm headed to bed early tonight.

Goodnight my lovely followers!

Much love,


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