Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Love My Eyeballs

Oh my goodness. 
My eyeballs hurt. 
I finally finished editing ALL of the pictures from the Stoner wedding, and holy cow. My brain hurts, my eyeballs hurt, and my neck is KILLING me. 
The only good thing is that they're done! If only Flickr would upload the pictures faster. 

Now, I can finally sit down and relax and not feel bad about it. EEK! 
So, while I'm free I'm going to go sleep, and sleep WELL. Anyways, I've been listening to some new Indie music lately, and I've kind of fallen in love with the Secret Sisters. They're SO great. It's like a hipster/indie mosh-up. 

Oh, also, I'm starting a new blog. It's going to track my college days/years/weeks/semesters, and maybe include more pictures or projects and the like. I'll post the link on here once I start, but I'm excited! It'll be more fun and enjoyable to read then this blog - as this blog is my 'serious thinking'. 

Alright, I'm seriously tired & I love my eyeballs, so I'm going to let them rest. 

Much love, 

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