Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quirky - A Continuation

So, I had a few more things to share with you . . . but I kept falling asleep typing.

So, I'm a neat freak. I like things to be put in specific places and I really like things to match. . .but that's a problem right now, cause my room is antique-ish except for my storage containers cause my room used to be blue & green UGH. It drives me CRAZY. 
Anyways, I like clean things. 
I also put my binders in a color pattern. .. Yes, I have issues. 
Here's the other side of my desk. It has my calendars & dry erase board & envelopes & cards. 
And then there's my shirt drawer. . . yes, it's all color coordinated & they're all rolled to a perfection. What can I say? I like to find matching shirts quickly. 
DEAL with it. 

So . . . yeah, that's me. I'm a little weird, but mostly quirky & obsessed with organizing things. 

much love, 

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