Monday, August 27, 2012


Today marks the day of one last week of summer. One last week to do something fun, exciting, invigorating, adventurous.  . . Until I realize that I'm not that much fun. HA! My plans for this last week have included up to this point: 

baking 5 dozen cookies & decorating them.
a picnic, which ended up being in the rain.
learning how to make a gluten free lemon bar.
& Bible study - LOVE!
Tomorrow I am going to meet with Fusion down by the lake for Twilight Jazz & a picnic! I'm super pumped about that! 
Then, the rest of the week will be finishing up projects & getting school things ready. 
I have orientation at Whitewater on Thursday & Friday.
Saturday I'm taking family pictures for my sister and her family. 
Sunday is Church.
Monday is my last day of summer. I'm thinking I'm going to go to the beach and lay there for 8 hours and read a really good book for the majority of the time. It sounds fantabulous! :) But, that may change. Maybe, I'll get together with some friends for the last time of the summer? Who knows. I'm just going to live this last week UUUUUUPPPPP.

Other than these super wonderful plans of nothing, I'm completely free! 

I will admit, I'm kind of excited because I get to plan things, and use my post it notes more. YIPPPEEE! Warning: school tends to make me even more of a structured freak. You gotta love it! 

Well, 'tis all folks. 
Much love,

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